vSphere 5 and the WOW factor

So with vSphere 5 down the road, I am sure many of us will be waiting for that. When compared with other products, it makes you wonder what else could be thrown at this beast. So here are some of the things that are expected to be seen, some have been on the wish lists of many, but unlike MS, VMware plans to make them come true soon..

Storage DRS – this will address the LUN being over utilized by VMs that reside on them

Host based replication – Requirement for similar storage on both DR and Prod side can be relaxed with this

Network I/O control – This could come in handy for huge environments or environments that are under-speced and heavily utilized.

Long Distance vMotion – Wow this makes me want to jump and give high fives to anyone I see although the talk is for a 100 mile limit for now and is expected to be around by 2012..

Go VMware — Rock the world!