The winner is …

Thank you all for participating in the Cloud Contest. I must say it was very difficult to pick the winners as all most all entries were authentic and had potential to be the winner.

Unfortunately we still have to pick as the number of giveaways are limited. After reviewing all the entries, the judging panel has determined the following (please expect an email from me in the next 30 mins):

Winner – Manlio Frizzi

Runner up 1 – Josh Atwell

Runner up 2 – Ken Mazie

You are all winners here in my opinion but we had to pick three people due to the limited number of giveaways. Maybe we will have more next time around.

In the end, please take a moment to thank @cxi , @duncanyb and @jtroyer who made all this possible.

While this was a contest, I hope it still provided some insight to all of you on what to expect from cloud computing and see what others feel or have to say about it. Thank you for participating and congratulations to the 3 cloud contest winners.