Moving some vDatabases

So at some point you will find yourself doing this. And most of us may have already done at least some of these tasks at least once already. Moving the databases of our all important applications. This is obviously not a complete list, I plan on adding more to the list as I come across more ‘stuff’. Hopefully this will come in handy when you are asked to produce a SOP for helping decommission your old DB servers. This will be extremely helpful if that request comes in on a Monday morning when you are coming back from a long vacation.

Obviously if its not already mentioned in the links below, dont forget to update your ODBC DSN (DataSource Name) settings if your application is using one (example vCenter, VUM etc). The links cover mostly what to do on the application side before/after moving the databases. Not so much on how to perform the data migration. You can rely on your DBAs for that.

Move vCenter Database

Move SSO Database

Move vCloud Database

Though I have never done this, my gut tells me that view composer DB move requires an ODBC update. I am looking for both the composer and event DB migration instructions to add to the list above. If anyone already has a link please share that with me.

As always, be sure to look at the versions in the links and the version you are working with in order to produce the desired results.