More training than you can ask for

Most of you must already be aware of what Trainsignal is. They have come up with all kinds of training videos in the past few years that have covered not just VMware topics, but topics around other competing and even complimenting technologies. This covers, Citrix, Microsoft Cisco to name a few.

It’s one thing to have a long list of training video’s but Trainsignal has really put out some top quality material. Only now they have made all this very very affordable. For only $49/month or if you prefer anual subscription thats only $468/year for all the training videos they offer. What are those courses? Here is a list.

Of course, you can stream all their videos online which I have been able to do in the past with no hiccups on my laptop and even my ipad. What they also have is offline viewing where you may download a video and view it offline like on a long flight perhaps. The only catch is for now the offline viewing is limited to windows and OS X platform only due to the silverlight dependency. Hopefully that functionality will come to mobile devices soon. Go ahead and sign up for more training than you will ever find the time for.

CloudHook will hook you up – PHD Virtual 6.2

A few months ago I reviewed the backup tool from PHD Virtual for VMware. Yes, I specifically mentioned VMware because they have one for Citrix also. The company is on the verge of releasing their next major update 6.2 and I got an opportunity to do a sneak peak.

Last year I was completely new to PHD Virtual and had figure out all the moving parts, which weren’t many to be honest. The post from my last review is here. The one thing I loved about the product was its simplicity where I really didn’t have to sit down and figure out what was needed in order for it to work. I just followed the screen instruction and taadaaa!.. it worked.  So, I have huge expectations this year and won’t be going into the details of how to setup and install.


The overall procedure to do the install is still pretty much the same. You are working with two pieces here.

  1. VBA (appliance)
  2. Console (windows installer)

In order to get the backup tool going, you will install the console on a windows machine and deploy the VBA appliance. From that point some initial configurations are needed and you are all set to go. Configuration like the IP address for the VBA, storage to be used for backup, email notification, retention polices, write space etc.. What is write space? Good question, hold your horses.

You will also create your backup jobs here and kick off a manual or schedule a backup job.  All of this is pretty basic and I don’t plan on going into the details of how to complete these tasks. Once you have the VBA deployed, you will realize you don’t need anyone to blog about the how to steps. And if you really need that, click on the “question mark” on the top right of the console window and you will have access to all the help you will ever need. 


The documentation is embedded within the console and its pretty good and detailed. Read the rest of this entry »