Vote for sessions at VMworld 2013

As you may already know, the VMworld sessions are a result of a rigorous process that starts very early. Before a session is added, its approved, opened for public voting and after going through several processes it becomes part of VMworld. This year I am fortunate enough to have been submitted for two sessions at VMworld. The sessions are now open for public voting and I will appreciate your vote in getting my sessions approved and having the opportunity to speak at VMworld.

You can go to VMworld’s website and cast your vote. The public voting opened earlier today. Once there, simply filter the sessions and type in the session IDs provided below in the keyword fields. That should speed up things. However, its always a good idea to look for other sessions that may interest you. The important thing is for you to cast your vote. Of course, if that vote is for one of my sessions thats even better. You will need a VMworld ID in order to vote. You can also enter my name “bilal hashmi” in the keywords field to display both sessions like the screenshot below. From here onwards, its a matter of simply clicking the thumbs up. If its green like mine that means you voted. Yes, I voted for myself 😀

My sessions:

vCenter: The Unsung Hero (Protecting the Core) – Session ID 4873

This session will be regarding the challenges we face with vCenter in 2013. This will cover topics like the importance of keeping vCenter up at all times. With new dependancies in the stack that rely heavily on vCenter to be available at all times, it has become challenging to keep all peices of vCenter running at all times. As we all know we now have more moving parts in vCenter. This session will cover the gotachs, and how you can secure your vCenter in order to keep the dependent services up at all times. I will be co-presenting this with a fellow vExpert James Bowling @vSential. Please vote for this session 4873.

Reports, Mashups and Analytics for your Datacenter – Session ID 5852

The other session is among my favorite topics to talk about. And what better place to talk about it than VMworld. Its the topic of reporting and analytics for your datacenter. We have found ourselves busy with a variety of different techniques to retrive the all importnat reports. Some of us get to use expensive tools that simply dont deliver or are too complicated to use. We also have the brave ones among us who would put powerCLI to work, and of course the good ole excel spreadsheets are never too far from a reporting discusion. We will be going over a different approach on retrieving critical information across your environment. This is not the one to miss. We will be unveiling some new capabilities of CloudPhysics for reports, mashups and analytics for your Datacenter. I plan to co-present this with another fellow vExpert Anthony Spiteri @anthonyspiteri. Please vote for this session 5852.

Obviously there are other great sessions that one should probably vote for as well. My suggestions are below. I think these are all great topics and would definitely be great addition to the VMworld this year. Good luck and I hope to see you all later this year.

5852 Reports, Mashups and Analytics for your Datacenter Bilal Hashmi, Verizon Business

Anthony Spiteri, Anittel

4873 vCenter: The Unsung Hero (Protecting the Core)  James Bowling, iland

Bilal Hashmi, Verizon Business

5778 Solid State of Affairs: The Benefits and Challenges of SSDs in… Steve Vu, ESRI

Irfan Ahmad, CloudPhysics

5818 How I maximized my vCloud ROI with vSphere Clustering Parag Mehta, Equinix

Jorge Pazos, City of Melrose

5854 Software Defined Data Centers  – Big Data Problem or Opportunity? Ariel Antigua, Universidad APEC

Bob Plankers, Univ of Wisconsin

5900 Flight Simulator for the VMware Software Defined Datacenter Michael Ryom, Statens It, Denmark

Maish Saidel-Keesing, Cisco

5892 The Decisive Admin:  How to make better choices operating and designing vSphere infrastructure John Blumenthal, CloudPhysics

Drew Henning, HDR Inc.

5859 Storage and CPU Noisy Neighbor Issues: Troubleshooting and Best Practices Krishna Raja, CloudPhysics

Maish Saidel-Keesing, Cisco

5823 You are not alone: community intelligence in a software defined future vSphere infrastructure Panel:Trevor Pott, eGeek Consulting

Bob Plankers, Univ of Wisconsin

Josh Folland (Moderator)

4872 Operating and Architecting a vMSC based infrastructure Duncan Epping, VMware

Lee Dilworth, VMware

4570 Ask the Expert VCDX’s Panel:Rick Scherer, EMC

Matt Cowger, EMC

Chris Colotti, VMware

Duncan Epping, VMware

Jason Nash, Varrow