VMware's secret projects for client side computing

The other day I had an opportunity to speak with someone from VMware. We were discussing a variety of things and something came up that I thought was worth sharing. As we all know ThinApp gives us the ability to virtualize applications. What it basically does is makes your applications self contained where they could be streamed and used by users of all kinds running different operating system. In other words, it gives you the ability to run IE6,7,8, 9 all on one machine. The application isn’t really installed on the client side, but its simply being accessed and streamed to the user where the OS the user runs is irrelevant.

So what’s the future of ThinApp? We were discussing how Project Octopus will add data syncing to the picture. It will be sort of like dropbox but more of an enterprise class solution where files are shared across users anywhere anytime in a secure manner, via public/private clouds. Now because this will be a VMware product, we can assume it’s tight integration with View or other end user related products like Horizon for instance. I think this will certainly be a good addition.

So what about ThinApp? In comes project AppBlast. We already know ThinApp makes the OS irrelevant where you can run all kinds of applications and make them available to your end users. The next logical step is what AppBlast will do. AppBlast gives you the ability to make these applications available to a browser or device that supports HTML5. Have you been waiting forever to justify a purchase of an iPAD? Well, I guess your enterprise applications forced you to carry your laptop everywhere. However, AppBlast promises that you will be able to access all your applications as long as you can find a browser or device that supports HTML5.

I am unsure about the release dates of either one of the products, but I am confident that both these products will soon hit the market. The stage has already been set for these types of solutions to introduce themselves. This will certainly be an excellent addition to the end user experience and client side computing. Now the question is, will I really need a View client on my iPad when my iPad will give me access to all the applications that I will need? ThinApp made the OS irrelevant, and it seems like AppBlast will make the device irrelevant.  I guess we will have to wait and see.

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  • Interesting. If it could truly make all the applications HTML 5 compatible then view is definitely going obsolete. But I think it’s not going be easy to cover all the apps especially in house custom apps

  • I agree it won’t be easy and it will take sometime.. but I think we are slowly heading that way… who needs an OS when we can get to all the applications we need. Of course time will tell how this plays out..

  • yes, i really looking forward for this, as a future cloud provider AppCast i hope to use the technology AppBlast to its full potentional. This is the part that was missing in the vmware suite. if you look at the citrix product line they might easely adopt also the same technology

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