vCenter Ops Mgr license types and upgrade paths

In January vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.0 was announced which has promised tons of features that IMO are extremely useful and a must have in most environments. Having a virtual aware tool to manage the infrastructure is always great. I did an overview of it back in January.

I wanted to give some insight on the four types of licenses this product is packaged in and what level of functionality you can expect from each type of license you purchase. As I mentioned before, the product is licensed per VM and below is the license breakdown along with suggested environment size for each kind of license. Of course more functionality means more moolah!!

Now of course the next natural thing that comes to mind is, what about me, I purchased CapIQ bla bla bla. Well for all those who shot vRAM (yes I brought it up again :)), VMware has you covered. There are all kinds of upgrade paths and below are the details for that.

Whats next? Figure out what will work best for you and the best way to do that is to take this for a spin. This is by far one of the best all in one type of tool from VMware. If you can get past the CapIQ, I think this it is a pretty awesome tool to have. Yes, I am not  a big CapIQ fan, but everything else about ops manager makes it the Cadillac of  all virtual aware management tools.


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