vSphere 5 licensing for VDI doesn't change

A bit of good news from the new licensing model with vSphere 5 is that for VDI vRAM entitlement is unlimited. This is really good as in my opinion VMware was facing good competition with Xen in this area. Not having the vRAM limits on the VDI is really a positive move and I think will be welcomed by many who have been displeased by the new vSphere 5 licensing model.

Keep in mind if you are not happy with the new licensing model, it’s an easier fix for VMware. It’s not like the hypervisor has technical flaws/lack of capabailities like it’s competitors.

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  • Just a theoritical question, will customers be able to levearge teh VDI licensing to license vRAM to use for servers?

    • No lol you know you can’t do that.

      On a side note, if you are a current VDI customer, I will recommend that you get with your reseller and discuss your upgrade path. I have read documents that still put caps on vRAM entitlements for customers that upgrade. It seems like only a new VDI license purchase gives you unlimited vRAM, but I am unclear on that as of yet. Just that I will point that you. So make sure you get with your reseller if you are looking to upgrade.

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