vCPU worlds

While going through series of esxtop or should I say resxtop stats, I noticed that certain VMs had a higher count of worlds they were involved with. Considering I was researching an issue with performance of some of the VMs in the envirnoment, it only made sense to look further into this. Typically a vSphere VM with a single CPU would see 3 worlds (VMX, MKS and the vCPU), however a couple of my single vCPU VMs saw four, the additional world was “Worker” in one instance and “psharescan” in the other. Google didnt help much neither did the endless pdf I went through to figure out what was their purpose. However, upon vMotioning these trouble makers to a different host, the number of worlds got cut down to 3. The number never went back up but not knowing what those unknown worlds were is driving me crazy. One day I will figure it out.

Moral of the story; vCenter may have improved over the years and with 4.1 now we have more stats than ever with storage and networking I/O and what not. With all that in mind, esxtop/resxtop still remains a very nifty tool in every VMware Admin’s toolkit. If you don’t use it, get used to using it because at some point you will find yourself playing with it.


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