About Me

This blog is dedicated to posts about virtualization and how VMware and other elements of a datacenter can be fused together to form a robust cloud platform. In simple words, this is how I remember “stuff”. This blog is maintained by Bilal Hashmi, who has transitioned from working in a traditional datacenter to a datacenter thats makes up a public cloud. He is currently working for major cloud provider. He is an ISA, MSCITP-SA,EA and VCP-3/4/5 and working towards getting a VCAP soon. Since 2011, VMware has recognized Bilal Hashmi as a vExpert which is an absolute honor. Bilal also has a Bachelors in Computers and Information Sciences and a Masters in Management in Information Technology.

The purpose of this blog is to share the experience that Bilal has acquired both good and bad and create a knowledge base for those who are fascinated by VMware and what it has to offer in a cloud.

Contact: bilal @ cloud-buddy.com (without spaces) 



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