Ops Manager does not show up under Assets in vSphere Client

Ok so I just went through some very painful hours and I hope nobody else has to ever go through this. Thats the reason fro this post. So I am sort of rearranging parts of my lab which really started the whole mess. I had to redeploy Operations Manager. Sounds pretty simple right? Read on..

Everything went great as far as registering Ops Mgr to my vCenter etc but then something odd really happened. I wasn’t able to apply the license for Ops Mgr. Keep in mind, you can only apply the license for Ops Mgr using the vSphere-Client under Home –>Administration –> Licensing, when there click on the “Asset” radio button and there you would see your unlicensed Ops Mgr waiting for your license key.

Only in my case, I saw both my hosts and the vCenter but no Ops Mgr. I tried everything under the sun from un-registering, re-registering but nothing really worked. I power cycled the vApp, restarted by vCenter service in hopes for it to start seeing things. Interestingly I could see “vCenter Operations Manager” in my home screen under “Solutions and Applications” but clicking it came back with a message saying you are not licensed you idiot. Well not quite but you know what I mean.

I was inches away from re-deploying the vApp when I figured well lets try one more thing. I looked around and noticed people had more luck with launching the vSphere client from the vCenter Server and that seem to have worked for a few folks. I figured well why not. So far I was accessing all this from the vSphere client installed on my laptop. So I logged into my vCenter (Mr. Hades) and launched the vSphere client there to see if that made a difference.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that this time around I did see Ops Mgr under Assets in licensing. Why did this work and the other didn’t? I have no clue but if I have to take a guess I would say it must have something to do with the vSphere client and not really Ops Mgr, but I am not sure. Now I did deploy Ops Mgr a few months ago and don’t recall having this issue before (I do have bad memory so its possible that I just forgot). But this is really for someone else out there who happens to see the same issue as I did, try accessing your vCenter from the vSphere client installed on the vCenter server itself and see if you have any luck.

From here onwards, you should be able to license your Ops Mgr and finally log in. For the record I am running vSphere 5 U1 and I am NOT running the vCSA. Getting the license applied in Ops Mgr is really important because basically you can’t really login to the Ops Mgr portal if its not licensed. If you are having the same issue as described above, hopefully you found this blog before you ruined your entire day like I did.