SMTP and vCenter Ops Mgr

I have had a few people ask me how are SMTP alerts set in Ops Manager, so I figured I would do a little post on that in case there are more people confused on how to set this up.

First of all, this info is available in the install guide but I will try and clarify what I think may be confusing to some. If you click on “Notifications” from the Ops Manager portal you may be greeted by the message below if you have not set your SMTP settings yet.

Ok that is simple enough, go ahead and enter your settings. But soon you will realize that there is nohere to enter these settings. Right? Wrong!! You are looking in the wrong place. This is a excerpt from the install guide:


  • Verify that the vCenter Operations Manager vApp is powered on.
  • Verify that you have administrator privileges to access the Administration portal and log in to the portal.

Notice it says “Administration Portal”. Your Ops Manager portal is usually https://UI VM IP however your “Administration Portal” is https://UI VM IP/admin. This is where you need to be. Once you log in there the instructions in the install guide listed below start making sense.

Again the following is an excerpt from the install guide, as you can also tell this is the place where you need to be in order to set up SNMP as well.

  1. On the SMTP tab, select the Enable report email service check box.
  2. Type the SMTP server address and port number.
  3. Type the name and email address to use when sending alerts or reports.
  4. If the SMTP server uses an encrypted connection, select the Server requires an encrypted connection check box and select the encryption protocol.
  5. If the email service needs to authenticate with the SMTP server when sending alerts, select the Outgoing SMTP server requires authentication check box and type the credentials.
  6. Select the Enable SNMP check box and type the destination host, port, and community information.
  7. Click Update to apply your settings.

vCenter Operations can send email notifications and scheduled reports.

Hope the above helps you in getting started with receiving those valuable notifications via email. One small suggestion, try not to go crazy with the email notifications because after sometime they may get treated like spam. You spent tons of money for Ops Mgr, make sure when it sends out a notification, its important.